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Probiotics – Your Microbiome

Lately, there is increasing talk about ‘gut-health’ but what does it mean? Again, your personal health history, nutrition and lifestyle can uniquely impact your intestinal microflora. Poor diet, mental stress, alcohol, and antibiotics, for example, can shift the intestinal microbiome towards imbalances. 


Welcome to Your Microbiome!! Your microbiome matters. Our gut contains 70% of our immune system so improving your gut health from the deepest microbe level is the foundation of my private practice. A comprehensive diagnostic stool analysis (CDSA) test can identify microbial imbalances allowing me to use strain-specific probiotics to tailor-make your protocol towards adjusting these imbalances which may be contributing to your problem. 


Are you looking to rebalance after a course of antibiotics or improve digestion and chronic conditions? 


CDSA testing can identify microbial imbalances, parasites, inflammation, indigestion, and nutrient absorption markers. 


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