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Gut Health Protocol

Our digestion system is responsible for ingesting and delivering nutrients in an absorbable form, however these processes involved can be hindered for various reasons. When imbalances are present, symptoms may present such as bloating, indigestion, acid reflux, constipation, low appetite, but also allergies, food intolerances, migraines, inflammation, and numerous chronic, auto immune, and neurological conditions. 


I specialise in gut health by helping to improve the state of the intestinal lining and digestive function. My gut health protocol is designed to rebalance, replenish, and optimize your gut health.


This gut protocol aims to reset using the 5R program taught in naturopathy where we will:

Remove, Replace, Repair, Re-plenish & Re-balance the digestive tract aiming to improve gut barrier function, microbiome diversity and inflammation.

5R program


any dietary, environmental, lifestyle triggers or opportunistic disrupters.


with health-promoting commensal (good) gut microbes essential for proper microbiome balance and digestive and immune functions.


with alternative dietary options and slowly re-introduce any suspected problem foods or triggers.


by implementing a new dietary routine to positively flourish all digestive processes via improved diet and lifestyle methods.


areas damaged or inflamed throughout the digestive tract with soothing remedies and supplements.

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