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Booking, Payment and Cancellation Policy

Terms & Conditions Naturalpaths Nutrition:


Full payment is taken at time of booking. Please ensure if an appointment is cancelled and not rescheduled with less than 24-hour notice, a 250 pound fee will be incurred and taken from the initial payment. When an appointment is not attended, the full 100% appointment fee (250) will be withheld & non-refundable. Naturalpaths Nutrition will send reminders for appointments to ensure the client is reminded of their appointment and cancellation policy.

Packages prices are based on time spent with the client either in-person or virtually or by telephone. This also includes the time spent in researching, reviewing current health tests, analysing new test results, as well as designing nutritional plan and lifestyle protocols (food, supplements, testing, etc) for the client as per package.


Naturalpaths Nutrition works based on minimum 1 initial consultation and 2 follow ups in order to provide the best service and chance for successful results.


Payments are taken in advance and aids in allowing follow ups to be booked ahead of time to ensure reviews can be done to achieve better compliance and results.

Refunds prior to initiating the initial consult may be requested 48 hours in advance in the case of cancellation in order to ensure the appointment can be made available to another client. 

Packages may be rescheduled with 48 – hour notice for the same reasons as above.

Failure to cancel within 24 hours of the initial appointment of a package, or a no-show, the client will incur the initial consultation fee of 250 pounds.

Once packages have commenced, no refunds are possible once the initial consultation has taken place. 

Bank transfers or stripe are accepted.


Appointment times:


Please arrive 5-10 minutes before any consultation or check in to ensure no time is lost of your consultation. Unfortunately, we are unable to make up for lost time if an appointment is started late. 

Email reminders will be sent out a few days before appointments. Please communicate any scheduling changes as soon as possible to avoid disappointment and a disruption to the timing of your consultations and protocol.

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