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Health Disclaimer

The information presented on this website,, is for educational purposes only and is not to replace medical advice attained from your medical doctor. Clients must not stop or alter any medically prescribed medication, pharmaceuticals and/or treatments unless you consult your GP or specialist medical doctor first. Your medical professional must be aware of any new nutritional, lifestyle, nutraceutical and/or supplement changes prior to the commencement of any such plans.


Naturalpaths Nutition does not diagnose or claim to treat medical conditions and nutritional advice is not a substitute for professional medical advice and/or treatment.


Children, as clients at Naturalpaths Nutrition, are welcome, and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian if under the age of 18. All nutritional plans and private information will be discussed with the parent or legal guardian, with or without the presence of the child who is under 18 years of age. 

All personal information, health history and current medication use on the introductory questionnaire must be completed with detail and accuracy, and then signed, to ensure the best bespoke nutritional plan is created for you, and only you, the client. Incomplete information may affect your assessment and advice given. Your plan and any advice are not to be shared and/or used with/for/by third parties as it is tailored-made specific to you and your details thereby Naturalpaths Nutrition will not take responsibility for any consequences due to this. Naturalpaths Nutrition does not take any responsibility for third party use of your nutritional advice and plan as this may prove dangerous and cause harm/reactions in the unknow third parties.

The client also agrees to state the name, use and dosage of any current or past herbal, nutraceutical, supplement and medical pharmaceutical medication on the T & C and disclaimer form which they must date and sign. This ensures the Naturalpaths Nutrition consultant is aware of any medication and any potential drug – herbal – supplement – nutritional interactions. Failure to withhold or fail to include this information may negatively affect the efficacy of the client’s plan as well as dangerous interaction with pharmaceutical medications. 

Please ensure the health questionnaire and 3-day diet diary is filled out as accurately as possible and is signed as this acts as a Naturalpaths Nutrition legal document.

The client must provide Naturalpaths Nutrition with any new and past medical diagnosis, as well as any updates and changes to, medication, or treatments, past and present, as this could affect the assessment and advice. 

The client must not substitute any of the products recommended by Naturalpaths Nutrition unless checked and approved by Naturalpaths Nutrition as dosages, strength, sources, quality, formulations and brand reputations vary and may alter plan and diet efficacy and cause potential reactions. Please follow Naturalpaths Nutrition dosages and frequencies, and if in doubt, use only as written on the product’s label until Naturalpaths Nutrition can confirm your appropriate dose and frequency. If any doubt about any part of the consultation, diet and lifestyle plan, please contact Naturalpaths Nutrition for clarification with a reply first before any consumption or administration to any aspect of the nutritional and lifestyle plan.

Any recommendations are strictly for you ‘the client’ and not for anyone else as the Naturalpaths Nutrition practitioner is not liable for any third parties using the client’s bespoke plan as each client plan is strictly specific to that client.

Products, if taken in large dosages or in combinations with other products and/or medication can be dangerous to your health so please ensure your GP/medical practitioner is aware of any new changes or additions to your diet and lifestyle.

Excessive quantity and duration of products may prove dangerous, therefore must only be used according to dosage, duration and type specifically prescribed on the client’s nutritional plan. Any doubt, contact your Naturalpaths Nutrition practitioner before consumption.

Any allergies and possible anaphylactic reactions may occur from dietary foods, supplements and/or remedies based on herbs and plants. The client is responsible to state any known allergies or intolerances on their questionnaire and sign it to ensure the NP practitioner can avoid any potential allergic interactions with the protocol.


All results are individual even if any Naturalpaths Nutrition suggestions and protocols and packages are strictly followed. The client is responsible to follow the advice given by Naturalpaths Nutrition for the duration specified and to check in for their follow ups and check-in calls/zoom to ensure maximum potential of the protocol is reached. I recommend my packages to ensure the client has the support he/she needs to reach their goals in the recommended time frame of the package. Individual results and duration to achieve results may vary.

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