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About Me

Katie Poyasov

BSc(Hons) - Naturopathic Nutritionist -  DipCNM mBANT mANP 


I graduated from the prestigious College of Naturopathic Medicine in London after studying Biomedicine and Naturopathic Nutrition. Prior to qualifying as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, I majored in Biology and Optometry & Visual Sciences. These studies provided me with vast knowledge and diverse experience in primary health and ultimately allowed me to merge my passion for naturopathy and health sciences into a profession towards health optimization. 


The body, mind, and spirit need proper nourishment in diverse forms. To achieve this, one must understand how the body functions and the requirements to fuel life processes. My approach is to engage my clients through education on how to support their current health state and to acquire life-long forms of naturopathic self-care. All our body systems are interlinked: impacting one system, positively or negatively, resonates in the others.

Natural Therapy Accreditations and Training:



My method is to help you find your unique path towards better health. This can be accomplished with realistic diet and lifestyle changes to assist in disease prevention and  chronic conditions. I support my clients with various modalities of naturopathic nutrition and therapies while enhancing their awareness for diet and lifestyle choices.  


Together we can discover the root cause(s) to your condition and implement changes in moderation, without overwhelming & unnecessary modifications to your diet and lifestyle. Gradual changes are key to adapting successfully to new habits. Moderation is key in my practice, and we will agree on the best achievable plan together.


Whether your concern is weight loss, managing stress, decreasing aches & pains, poor sleep, energy and mood issues, autoimmune and chronic conditions or simply just desiring to learn how to extract the most nutrients from what you eat. I give you tools and support you need. 


I work from the inside-out creating bespoke nutritional plans focusing on food and nutrients. Each client presents as a unique individual and therefore, will be designed a personalised nutritional plan. Based on your in-depth personal health assessment, we can recommend, if required, biochemical and functional testing to provide a deeper understanding according to your needs.


Naturalpaths Nutrition incorporates the most recent scientific studies & research as a foundation to design the most appropriate nutritional plan, functional testing, and lifestyle interventions. Here, nutritional science and scientific research run parallel paths.


Better health should be a lifestyle! Choose the path to optimizing your health! Here at Naturalpaths Nutrition, the paths of science and naturopathy run parallel towards health optimization.


Food is your medicine! Discover your bespoke path to help you optimise your health.


My expertise in natural therapies and diagnostics

Holistic Therapies

– Mycotherapy (medicinal mushrooms)

– Natural Supplements

– Bach Flower Remedies

– BloodType Diet

– Strain-Specific Probiotic Protocols

– Gut Health

– Sleep and relaxation methods

– Mindfulness

– Blood Glucose Regulation

- Anti-inflammation protocols

Functional & biochemical testing:

DNA testing

Decipher your unique genetic profile for a targeted nutritional protocol

DUTCH hormone testing

Attain levels of sex and stress hormones & their metabolites

 GI Mapping/CDSA

Assess the GI microbiome & check for imbalances affecting overall digestive function

Food Intolerances

Evaluate diagnostic panels measuring IgG antibodies due to food sensitivities 

Organic Acids Testing

Measures levels of organic compounds to assess identify deficiencies, overload & toxicities affecting metabolic pathways


Chronic Inflammation




Children's heath & nutrition


Autoimmune disease


Respiratory health


Food intolerance & sensitive


Frequent infection


Long Covid


Osteoporosis & Bone Health

I address:

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